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Terms & Conditions

When placing a domain backorder with dbcatch.co.uk you agree to the following:

dbCatch.co.uk is a .uk domain backorder service; We offer a varied price domain backorder system where you the user can select a minimum of £30.00, up to a maximum of £1,000.00 for a domain back order. Payment is only requested when a domain name has been successfully caught by the system.


An invoice is automatically generated when a domain name is caught and payment for the invoice is due within 7 days, failure to pay within the seven days, or any extra days agreed with ourselves will break they agreement you have with us. The name will then be sold or auctioned in public and your user account on drop.co.uk and any related services will be banned and any future bookings on your account will be removed.

Invoices are taken on over a seven day period as the time it would take to chase users for outstanding payments wouldn't allow us to develop the system further and spend time doing necessary upgrades and fixes to the site and server. We feel that seven days is more than suitable for a relatively low fee invoice, and when booking a name your agree to the seven day invoicing.

Priority Bookings

When placing a backorder and selecting a domain catch fee higher than £30 you agree when placing the order that it's the price you are willing to pay, once you have the domain name back order in your account you will then have to pay the agreed price.

Failure to make the payment to the value select when placing the order within the invoice time period will result in the name being auctioned or sold elsewhere, your account will also be suspended.

Your Bookings

If you have made a mistake when placing a back order then you can contact us via the contact page to ask for the name to be removed or the information on the booking to be updated, we understand sometimes mistakes are made but will not tolerate persistent cancelling of bookings, any continuation of cancellations may result in your account being suspended for a temporary amount of time, or your account may be closed for good.

Domain Transfers

When transferring a domain name to you after the payment has been received we will send you the transfer a maximum of two times, this gives you essentially two weeks to transfer the domain name. Failure to transfer the domain name within these times will result in a £15.00 fee per future domain transfer request that we send.

Nominet (the .uk registry) charge £12.00 to transfer a domain into your own name, this is a charge you are responsible for seperate from the invoice we raise with you.