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Hosted Drop Catching

As of January 2020 we now offer our drop catching solution for your DAC and EPP usage. You must have a full Nominet membership and access to the DAC/EPP to use this service.

Our service works within our exisiting website, offering you additional features to manage your daily drop lists.

  • Manage your droplists & priorities (unlimited amount of days in advance).
  • Maintain and update your list order and queue. (even on the day of the domain dropping).
  • Change your DAC query rate and timings.
  • Full features of an expected dropcatching script, each account is hosted on it's own individual server.
  • Historical statistics on domains that have dropped.
  • Servers and code optimised for top performance.
  • Proven history of successful £xxx-£xxxx domain name catches.
  • System constantly being worked on to improve catch rate.
  • Get catching names in 24 hours!

To discuss coming on board, contact us at aclifforda@gmail.com to discuss.

Below are some screenshots of the backend management of your drop lists:

Recent Catches (Bookings)

  • flb.uk (2020-01-11)
  • auctionhouses.co.uk (2020-01-06)
  • life4seekers.uk (2020-01-05)
  • councillor.uk (2020-01-02)
  • livenews.uk (2020-01-02)
  • performances.uk (2019-12-31)
  • dara.co.uk (2019-12-30)
  • accent.uk (2019-12-28)
  • canyon.uk (2019-12-28)

Recent Catches (Hosted)