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What is Domain Drop Catching?

Today’s blog is all about what happens when a.uk/.co.uk domain expires, it’s life cycle after it expires and what happens when the domain name then becomes available, the benefits to using a drop catching service, how...

Date Posted: 2019-08-06

Web Hosting Reviews & Suggestions

If you are looking to build a website on one of the domain names we acquire for you or you are interested in developing an existing website on some new hosting I thought I’d break down...

Date Posted: 2019-08-02

Website updates

As you may see there has been a few site changes recently, nothing drastic but a little modernisation of the current design which hadn't been touched in around five years. We have also now added SSL so the site runs...

Date Posted: 2019-07-31

The things I learnt writing open source software.

As some of you may know the Nominet .uk right of registration period is now done and dusted, when it was announced there was concerns over smaller registrars being able to take part in the release due to a lack...

Date Posted: 2019-07-31