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Drop Catching

Drop Catching is the term used to describe using a system to register expiring domain names within milliseconds of the name becoming availabile.

Our System

Our system has been custom built over the last eight years, regular speed tests, tweaks and updates are made to increase the performance of the system.


Our prices start at £50 per catch, and you only pay if we successfully register the name for you. You can however specify a higher prices to prioritise your domain in our list for the day.

Welcome to dbCatch.co.uk

dbCatch.co.uk is one of the leading .UK domain drop catching services, established eight years ago we provide a simple interface for your to backorder expiring .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk domain names up to 14 days before the names are to become available.

We are now accepting independent bookings of .uk and .co.uk domain names starting at £50.00 per domain.

Once registered you are greeted with a simple interface that lets you check the booking availability of up to 10 names at a time, we then return the information back to you, if the name is suspended and available to back order you can select the name and the booking will be instantly added to your account.

We also now offer a priority service; This enables you to offer more than the standard £50.00 for a catch, this will improve your changes of getting the domain name you are after as the higher the booking fee placed when placing an order, the higher priority it will receive when trying to retrieve the domain names we have booked in for any given day.

What Does It Cost?

When booking a name with us you only pay for the domain name once we have registered for you, you pay us nothing in advanced; We have built up solid relationships with many regular clients and we feel offering you a service with no monetary commitment works well for our customers and our business.

Recent Domain Registrations

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Customer Reviews

"dbCatch.co.uk not only has a great design and easy to use interface, but they've also helped me catch quality domains for a great price."

Jamie Farrelly, Owner of 123Content.co.uk

"I'm really happy with dbCatch.co.uk. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, customer service is excellent, and they've caught some quality domains. I use their services on a daily basis and highly recommend them."

Jeffrey Behrendt, Owner of Amazing Domains.

"I would highly recommend dbCatch.co.uk, they have caught some great domains for me and the customer service is excellent."

Grant Weaver, Owner of Domain Brokerage.